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Today’s writers.
Tomorrow’s pastors.

The Writing Center exists to help you be a better writer— for God’s glory. If you are a Southern student, Boyce College student, or Doctoral student we want you to think theologically, write with clarity, and argue persuasively in your coursework.


WRITING Assistance

Think theologically.

Here your skill in every stage of the writing process can be improved to make a powerful impact for the kingdom. Desire to not write well for the sake of writing but for the sake of the glory of God. The apologist, systematic theologian, biblical exegete, church historian, pastor, women’s ministry leader, evangelist, and missionary needs to think theologically. Writers do too.

The goal of the Writing Center is to help students increase their skill and confidence in generating ideas, writing drafts, and editing errors in order to help students make much of the triune God.



Write with clarity.

Here your ability as a writer can be sharpened through learning to develop a thesis statement precisely, define theological terminology clearly, reflect upon biblical and historical sources wisely, and format your paper accurately.

Two avenues of help are provided to you through the Writing Center; firstly, writing mentors are available to younwho will walk with you through writing and revision processes in order to improve your writing skills; secondly, an online conglomerate of resources ranging from example guides for footnotes to research paper templates is available to you.



Argue persuasively.

Here write not only to inform or to exposit, write to persuade. Good writing presents a fair and balanced argument. To help sharpen your writing skills, the Writing Center provides workshops during the semester to students.

Attending a Writing Center workshop can help you plan and draft a book review, learn how to use the Southern Seminary Manual of Style, and strengthen your research paper, paragraph, or sentence organization. Participate in activities that sharpen your writing and grammar mechanics.