What You Need to Know About Turabian 9th Edition Updates

Not too long ago, the 9th edition of our best friend, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, otherwise known as Turabian, came out. And with the new edition comes a few changes that you should be aware of as you write your properly formatted papers. 

“Ibid.” is Now Discouraged

Turabian 8th ed. encouraged academic writers to use “Ibid.” for subsequent references to the same source. Your footnote would have looked like this:

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Bible References, Citations, and Translations

Have you ever had a Writing Expert, professor, or grader comment on your improper format of Bible citations? Has your writing been critiqued for not indicating which Bible translation you are quoting from?

Knowing how to incorporate the Bible into your papers can be tricky! When do you say “1 Cor 13” or “1 Corinthians 13” or “First Corinthians 13”? Where, how, and how often do you need to indicate what English translation you are using? What do you do when you want the reader to compare the passage you are quoting to other related passages?

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How to Write Captivating Topic Sentences and Organize Your Paper in the Process

Are you looking for a powerful way to improve your writing, a single easy adjustment that can add clarity to your argument and an overall sense of organization to your paper? 

Writing has a lot of different elements, but one that controls a vast amount of others is the topic sentence. The very process of constructing good topic sentences forces us to think, with a razor-sharp focus, about exactly what unifies the points we want to make in a paragraph and how that squares with the rest of the paper. 

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Craig Keener (again) on Reading, Writing and Scholarship

A few weeks ago, the Logos Academic Blog featured and interview with Dr. Craig Keener of Asbury Theological Seminary about his writing process. Well, this past week, the Zondervan Academic Blog released a video interview with him that was a bit wider in its scope. You can watch the video here. In order to watch it, you will be required to give them your email address.

I won't spoil the video for you, but a couple of things stuck out to me (Joseph Habib) that I would critique and would love to hear others' thoughts on.

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